Garage Italia Customs officially presents the Learjet31 “Nel blu dipinto di blu” at Milano Linate Prime airport this evening. This aeronautical personalisation was commissioned by Laps To Go Holding Srl and Avionord

Milano Linate Prime – Milano Linate Prime – Garage Italia Customs has always wanted to highlight its all-round specialist expertise in customisation since it was founded. Although attention has been focused on the many automotive projects with the Garage as protagonist lately, a new chapter officially opens for Lapo Elkann’s creative hub and it takes off this evening. Indeed, work on tailor-made projects for boats, helicopters and airplanes has been on-going for several months.

The Bombardier Learjet31 “Nel blu dipinto di blu” was commissioned to Garage Italia Customs by Laps To Go Holding Srl, a company belonging to Lapo Elkann, and by Avionord, an Italian airline that offers executive flights for private and company clients, as well as services for events and healthcare transport.

Nowadays, more and more clients are opting for this choice of transport. They can rely on the competence Avinord has in the sector plus count on their high efficiency standards. Moreover, the highly qualified staff is specialised in the management of flights and assistance, both on land and on board their own aircraft. Wishing to offer a higher quality service, Avionord has chosen to make each and every journey unique by entrusting Garage Italia Customs with the personalisation of their fleet of aircraft. The first model was created on the base of the Bombardier Learjet 31. The engine of this twin-jet boasts extraordinary performance, reaching 903 km/h and offering an exciting flight experience in the best possible comfort for up to 8 passengers (7+1).

The particular livery of the exterior, which fades from blue to pale blue, is the result of a complex painting procedure carried out by the specialists of Garage Italia Customs. They were able to make the passage from one colour to another homogeneous by accurately and skillfully measuring out the amount of varnish to apply to every single spot of the fuselage.

We board an extraordinarily prestigious environment, created by the Garage Italia Customs designers who chose Foglizzo and Alcantara® materials for the customisation. Foglizzo was selected for the upholstery of the seats and lateral panels of the aircraft. An opaque blue colouring, instead, was chosen for the furniture on board. The seats are upholstered in Jade Dark blue leather, with diamond-shape stitching on the cushions and contrasting pale blue piping. The sides are embellished with a special kind of leather that was created through a particular digital photo printing technique, leading to personalisation by creating a hue that gradiates from cobalt blue to a sky-like pale blue. Alcantara®, a material 100% Made in Italy and carbon neutral, dominates the central part of the ceiling with an original Ice tonality, while Alcantara® Navy embellishes the lower lateral panels for soft touch details, all in the name of luxury. Moreover, all dated parts have been renovated and refreshed, a new wall-to-wall carpet has been put in and the seats of the pilot cabin are now in blue lambskin leather.

“Blue is the colour of the sky, it represents the freedom of flying, it is the colour of dreams… and the Garage is the place where dreams come true, like this Learjet31. The colour-scheme was created by the Garage Italia Customs Maestros and is really unique and spectacular. We have been active for a long time in the field of aeronautics, but today I am very proud to present the first result of months of hard work and planning here at Milano Linate Prime airport with a partner like Avionord. I would like to heartily thank Alcantara® and Foglizzo, too, who are by now stable partners of the Garage. They have given a fundamental contribution. This is only the beginning of a long path that, I’m sure, will lead us to enjoy the same satisfaction we get in the automotive field each day” – Lapo Elkann

It is important to note that the Garage Italia Customs intervention on the Avionord Learjet31 goes well beyond personalisation. The strict regulations regarding the materials for use on and in aircraft require specific treatments in order to be in compliance (i.e. 12-second fireproof FAR “b” for leather). The bottom line is Lapo Elkann’s creative hub can autonomously follow all the necessary procedures and supply all the certification for this kind of manufacturing, hence guaranteeing the client a very high quality final result which respects the laws in force.

Finally, Lapo Elkann also wished to involve Italia Independent, an eye-wear brand he is the Co- Founder and President of, by applying a “smiley” with sunglasses on the winglets, visible when looking out of the portholes.

The airplane, which has an operative autonomy to reach European, Middle Eastern and North African destinations, will be available for Avionord business and private clients to fly on board a unique model.

The main aim of Garage Italia Customs is to place its clients and their creative requirements back “in the spotlight”, in a world that has been more and more standardised and where number prevails over subjectivity. Just as a tailor-made outfit follows the lines of the body harmoniously, Garage Italia Customs aims at making any vehicle unique, be it a car, a motorbike, a plane, a helicopter or a yacht. It re-elaborates the clients’ very wishes with a tailor-made service that involves the study of detail, balance of the components and research of materials. The équipe working at Garage Italia Customs is made up of the team that created the Tailor Made service for Ferrari and the best technicians specialised in the automotive sector, specifically in the field of wrapping, painting and upholstery of interiors. They are the “Maestros”, as Lapo Elkann himself defines them, and their unique skills are of absolute excellence in this work. The “Maestros” are backed up by the Style Centre, which is the pulsating heart of all the activities. It is a meeting place for the design team, where the ideas and dreams of clients intersect with the aesthetic taste of the experts of the Garage. Here, the abstract concepts are elaborated into digital images by use of the most modern technologies. The clients are guided in the choice of the right chromatic combinations and the most refined materials; their taste and needs are respected. While waiting to move to Piazzale Accursio, the Garage Italia Customs operative headquarters are located at 1 Alfredo Pizzoni street, Milan.

Avionord is an Italian airline with Italian AOC (air operator’s certificate). Now owned by a private company since 2008, Avionord was recently renovated and its management improved, and now offers executive flights to individuals and companies, as well as services for both events and air ambulances for patients transport and Surgical staff and organs transportation. Its fleet consists in Bombardier planes (Learjet series) – a leading aircraft manufacturer – providing the maximum comfort and safety. To diversify its services, Avionord has also an Agusta A109E (Power) helicopter to take you where the planes cannot land. Avionord offers outstanding levels of efficiency to its customers, using highly specialized in flight management and ground- on board assistance staff, paying attention to details and providing 24H service. The Operation Control Center (OCC) is based at the Milan Linate airport, where we have the hangar for our planes. 24H Service. With its highly-specialized staff the Operation Department works to guarantee timeliness and efficiency, thanks to a meticulous monitoring of all ground and on board operations.

Italia Independent is a creative and stylish brand for independent people that blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation. Italia Independent updates Made in Italy by revisiting classic icons, operating in the eyewear field and creating lifestyle products belonging to different sectors, exporting the Italian style into a global world.

Founded in 1972, Alcantara represents one of the leading Made in Italy brands. Registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A and the result of unique and proprietary technology, Alcantara® is a highly innovative material offering an unparalleled combination of sensory, aesthetic, and functional qualities. Thanks to its extraordinary versatility, Alcantara is the chosen material for leading brands in numerous specialist fields: fashion and accessories, the automotive industry, interior design, home décor and consumer-electronics. These characteristics, together with a serious and proven commitment to the use of sustainable materials, allow Alcantara to express and define contemporary lifestyle: the lifestyles of those who love to enjoy everyday products to the full whilst respecting the environment.

Having analysed, reduced and offset all CO2 emissions linked to the company, in 2009 Alcantara was certified “Carbon Neutral”. To document the company’s journey in this field, Alcantara conducts and publishes an annual Sustainability Report available for consultation on the company website.
Headquartered in Milan, Alcantara also have production facilities and a research department in Nera Montoro in the heart of Italy’s Umbria region (Terni).

Since 1921, Foglizzo’s reputation has been founded on the design and developed of high quality leathers. Leveraging its experience in crafting leather for the restorations of antiques cars, today Foglizzo supplies exclusive high quality leather to the aviation, yachting, motor and residential industries. Foglizzo offer is divided in Classic available on stock, Modulor, Decorative, Full Custom, that allows the client to buils its own product in terms of colour, embossing and treatments, such us H2O, Thermo LeatherTM , Acoustic, First Class, Automotive. Foglizzo makes also an accurate selection of the best exotics and reptiles hides worldwide. Foglizzo is proud to offer, also, an expert installation service. When ordering products such as Sole Leather Tiles or Soft Leather Tiles for flooring and panelling, Venetian blinds, Parchment and Galuchat, Foglizzo recommends the help of a professional due the complicated process these products entail. Special Foglizzo Leather and Suede collections in limited edition: Alberto Pinto Collection, Swarovski elements® Collection, Andrew Winch Collection, Pinaki folds collection. The passion for tradition and the attention to new trends has inspired a new products line, the Foglizzo Luxury Goods, exclusive leather goods fully bespoke on the client requirements, with highest quality craftsmanship made in Italy: FLG Domus; FLG Desk&Stationery; FLG High tech; FLG Travel; FLG Games. Recently Foglizzo introduced Atelier, an artisanal laboratory with the aim to find new creative expressions of the leather, where art, technologies and traditional craftsmanship work together. Developing new practices and shaping a new genre of craft products that reveal and exalt the inner qualities of the leather. Gilding, Dubbing, Staining, Acrylic, Oil painting, Laser engraving, Pirography, Rempi-cirè are some of the main techniques.
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